Thursday, September 23, 2010

Listening Post

I once wrote this about Big Audio Dynamite:

"BAD... remain one of the most underappreciated acts in rock history. I say this not because they didn't sell records or garner critical accolades, but because these days they're not often hailed as the light-years-ahead-of-their-time bridge between punk rock and the dozens of splinter movements that would come after it, which they should be. BAD fused a truckload of eclectic, disparate styles into one hallucinatory mish-mash that was just plain beyond description. Fronted by Clash guitarist Mick Jones and DJ Don Letts, BAD was the first band to truly combine elements of punk, funk, reggae, the emerging sound of turntable hip-hop, a liberal amount of sampling and, hell, even Tarantino-esque spaghetti western influences, into an entirely new culture-jammed kind of sound. The first time you heard BAD, you immediately thought, 'What the hell is that?' And to this day, there's never been anyone quite like them."

Here's Medicine Show.


Alanna said...

Love B.A.D. - think last time I read a post on them Kanye and I went back and forth on their relation to the Specials and Coventry Automatics.

Speaking of the Clash...have you looked at the newest line up of the Gorillaz on tour? I must have missed it that Mick and Paul were joining them. Bad ass!

Anonymous said...

"Break it on down
Bless you
Bless you
I wanna bless you
Bless you"
I loves the B.a.d. Classic.