Friday, September 17, 2010

The Legion of Dumb

This clip has been making the appropriate rounds over the past couple of days, and with good reason.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your 2010 Republican candidates for elected office, otherwise known as the Parade of Paranoiacs.

I especially appreciate that whoever put this together included CNN's riveting interview two days ago with newly minted Republican nominee for New York Governor Carl Paladino -- someone who, in addition to wanting to ban any and all abortions and use eminent domain to crush the proposed Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan, looks like either, a) a corrupt NYPD cop who forces hookers to give him free blowjobs and who regularly beats his wife and kids, or b) a guy who just stumbled out of OTB and is now heading across the street to his favorite dive bar at two in the afternoon.


Jester said...


Alanna said...

Yes, the baby can be adopted. Yes, the baby can be adopted?
Holy fuck nuts. Break out your wire hangers, NY.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the late night conversation between Republican hacks last night -

"We've got a problem in the first state."

"Oh Christ, TSA found a slim squirmy in her carry on?"

"Nope... Witchcraft."

"Say again?"

"She... dabbled."

"As a... witch? At Halloween?"

"You wish."

"Okay. Let me think... Did she ever actually join a coven?"

"She says not."


"But apparently she did make out with a he-witch on a blood splattered altar."

"Kill me now."

Anonymous said...

What Alanna said! My daughter heard the guy matter of factly dismiss any scenario in which he wouldn't force a woman to carry to term and freaked out! So proud of my daughter!

Capt Clown said...

Here's a tip for whoever created that video montage: Don't add stupid background music that's as loud as the people talking. It kind of ruins the point since it obscures the communication.