Friday, September 03, 2010

Karmageddon 2 (Which Is Inevitably Even Worse Than the Original)

Dammit, Michael, she wasn't the one you were looking for.

E!: Female Extra Severely Injured on Set of New Transformers Movie/9.3.10

See? They got the puppy girl.


kanye said...

"I did not have a tow cable smacked into the face of that woman, Miss Cedillo."

~Michael Bay

Anon said...

Chez, Really. "she wasn't the one you were looking for?"

Do you know close you came to a decent Star Wars joke? For shame, man. :P

In all seriousness I hope the poor girl's okay. And not just because Megatron wasn't watching where he was going.

Thomas B said...

I think the line at the bottom, "Get all the dirt on Shia LaBeouf's beautiful new costar here." is just a little bit inappropriatesville, if you ask me.