Monday, September 27, 2010

Headline of the Week

To make a slight adjustment to a pretty good line from Dodgeball: It's too bad Hallmark doesn't make a "Sorry You Just Plummeted To Your Death in Irony River" card.

The Huffington Post: Jimi Hesdelen, Owner of Segway Inc., Dies in Tragic Segway Accident/9.27.10


Busayo said...

*struggles to keep straight face*


Liz in Austin said...

I once rode my bike off the road and into a neighbor's ravine. But I was 11 years old and didn't understand that a rusty chain wasn't a good thing.

Think this was a Segway to heaven?

Chez said...

Segway to Heaven.

Fuck, I hate that I didn't think of that.

You rule, Liz.

L. said...

'I've made a huge mistaaaaaaake!'

CNNfan said...

I am still on break,
mourning the job loss of Klein.

However, let me do some free work,
to try to offset getting on Chez' nerves

Owners of Segway Inc

Should be:

Owner of Segway Inc

Ref said...

Okay. Not to be a complete wet blanket, but this just shows what a stupid idea these things are as mass market transport vehicles. Dean Kamen, the inventor, keeps coming up with fantastic inventions to help people with mobility handicaps, but they're expensive and have no market. This bizarre hybrid is the result. For Christ's sake, the government should be funding this guy to help the disabled, but he's reduced to doing shit like this by the "Free Market."

Chez said...

I'm just in typo hell these days. Thanks, Tom.

Alanna said...

I need the copy of that Barry Blitt "New Yorker" cover with Osama bin Laden escaping Tora Bora on Segways. It's more than relevant now, it's essential.