Thursday, September 16, 2010



OmegaMom said...

Hah. The sad thing is that (except for beating the rented bald eagle to death with the Q'ran) everything they say is going to happen. Complacency and ridicule of non-relevant items--watch it happen. Watch O'Donnell, Miller, Paladino show up as the winners. Watch the progressives in shock the day after.


Busayo said...

....Why do I have this feeling that this'll be one of those Reverse Unfunny moments if these fuckknuckles actually win?

Anonymous said...

Well, as Oscar Wilde once said "I can't reach it with my mouth!"

Holy shit that made me lol when I heard that.

Tabi said...

"I can't reach it with my mouth!"

...and I spit Blue Moon all over my new laptop.

Damn you,Jon Stewart.

Anonymous said...

"MMMM the Palin is strong in this one" Indeed!