Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spreading the Disease

Heartbreaking. Enlightening. Powerful. Fiery. Gorgeous.

Everything you'd expect from Christopher Hitchens as he describes his battle with cancer.

Vanity Fair: Topic of Cancer/September, 2010


Brett said...

I had the privilege to hear Hitchens speak last month at a small function. He was brilliant and showed no signs of relenting due to the illness.

Anonymous said...

Ah, poor Hitch.

Bill Orvis White said...

"Heartbreaking. Enlightening. Powerful. Fiery. Gorgeous...." You forgot one more word here, Chez: Godless.
When he meets his maker, He will apply egg to his face.
I need not say anything more.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

oh bill... little do you know YOU"RE the one who's going to be sucking on SATAN's greasy cock in HELL... you old reprobate you. and you DO say the most homoerotic romantic things!

toastie said...

The god I don't believe in would still allow me to meet it. It would tell me, "Ya know, I tried to make things easier for you, but you didn't wanna listen. Now get outta here and go yourself laid."

I love how it's a big story that Hitchens has cancer and isn't praying to god. Reminds me of the Onion story about the little kid who prays to god to be able to walk again. God answers the prayer. "No!"

Amii said...

Sigh...they can never just leave be. I look forward to what Hitchens has to say about the prayer groups. I'm guessing he'll be far more polite about it than I would.

CNNfan said...


I doubt Hitchens will be applying egg to his maker's face any time soon, because (I believe) Hitch is gonna be a survivor!

Dear God,
I know Thou shalt not steal Bill's joke about egg on your face. That was just my way of saying a prayer for Christopher Hitchens.