Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mammary Lame


Alanna said...

Was this a voice over on a real commercial? as a busty chick, I'll tell you when you wear wrap tops it really is annoying to look down and constantly see your bra. I'd actually buy this so I wouldn't have to wear a tank underneath. Because you asked for all of this information. Meh.

CNNfan said...

As a guy who likes a busty chick, I'll tell you when she wears wrap tops, it really is fun to look down and see her bra. I'd actually buy this for her, so she doesn't have to wear a tank underneath. Because you asked for all of this information from the point of view of... Men.

This is a parody on Alanna's comments above.
It is a joke. No offense nor creepiness intended.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to see my enormous 50 year old cleavage (although guys are so odd many do seem to!). I should buy one of these, but they are so stupid looking. So I wander around looking inappropriate in my V-necks instead!

MPP said...

if you have to say "this is a parody...i'm not creepy", when you've already creeped in the same venue... you should probably not say it, because it's CREEPY.


CNNfan said...

Honestly, MPP, it was simply an attempt
to zero percent offensively joke on topic
with a parody of a parody.

Please, don't get Chez to ban me again.

I have no problem respecting your moratorium
on joking with Alanna.

Jacki Schechner said...

I think all this proves is that the word boob is still funny after the age of 4.

CNNfan said...

I think it may also prove that being as fit as when you were in high school is totally worth it. For example... 1:58 PM.

Alanna said...

Im not offended by your parody of my silly comment. Even if you are being somewhat suggestive about boobs you've never seen :)

CNNfan said...

I sincerely apologize. I am sorry, even if you felt my parody was somewhat suggestive.

Please forgive me and stay my friendly, smart, fine-looking, fellow blogger.

Actually, your comments were not silly at all.