Monday, August 23, 2010

Listening Post

Ólafur Arnalds is a 23 year old composer from Iceland -- let me repeat that: he's 23 years old -- and yet the music he creates is so moving that I'd do it a disservice by trying to put into words how it makes me feel.

This guy's stuff is simply breathtaking.

Here now, two from him. Above it's Ljosio -- below, 3055.


Kevin Davis said...

Nice. Thanks for the new tunes.

countryjoe said...

I hear a lot of influence from the Dixie Dregs in these 2 songs.

Good stuff.

Lisa said...

Perfect example of what I was talking about Chez. Music that touches some undefinable part of the human soul. This truly brought me to tears. Gorgeous.

Christine said...

That music like this still has the ability to touch you means your heart may not be quite as closed as you want to think it is. Even if it's only open for your daughter, that's enough. More than, in fact.

Haunting and hopeful. Uplifting, but with the knowledge of how much life hurts.

True to reality, I guess.