Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Listening Post

This is one of those songs I keep coming back to over and over again -- because it's just so damn cool.

Here's the Cardigans -- Erase/Rewind.


Mo said...

Damn right! An all time favourite of mine. And it never seems to get old.

Grover said...

So they're more than Lovefool? Who knew? Awesome song.

Ever listened to Bitter:sweet? They're remind me of a more upbeat Portishead.


Joash said...

Seriously underrated band. 'Live and Learn' is one of my favorite hangover songs ever

Lisa said...

Chez, you're always so good of remindng me of great music I use to love...and can still love again.

And The Cardigans were WAY more than Lovefool. Seriously? Check out "My Favourite Game".

Alex said...

Definitely a Cardigans fan. Nice to see them get some recognition.

em said...

Gotta love "The Great Divide", too. I've always liked them.