Friday, August 06, 2010

Cringe Elements

CNN has done a hell of a lot of things in its 30 year history that it deserves kudos for -- the chutzpah it took to even create the network in the first place being just one example. That said, this is damn entertaining.

Vanity Fair: Top Ten Most Embarrassing CNN Gaffes/8.5.10

Unfortunately, the decision to rid itself of my wisdom and general good cheer didn't make the list.



Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that all these 'Top 10' have happened under Klein's watch? He needs to be fired.

Just sayin'

disputin said...

I'm sorry but how did Kyra Phillips micced trip to the bathroom get left off the list

CNNfan said...


Fortunately. You are on the top of the other list:

The Top Ten Most Embarrassing CNN Internet Gaffes.

celery said...

My favourite moment from those clips:

"The actions that he took back then has logic that does not necessarily play out by the law, in my opinion."

Debra Tate