Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bonus Quote of the Day

"Utterly disgusted that the White House has to issue a press release to clarify that the President doesn't practice that scary medieval fairy tale with a billion world-wide believers, he practices that other, pre-medieval fairy tale with a billion world-wide believers. So glad that's all cleared up."

-- Votar, via Facebook


Vermillion said...

Ah, yes. Yay, I suppose.

Just tell me you smarmy bastards aren't humanists. I find that to be just as ridiculous a fairy tale as any religion. More so, really.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because throwing a shitfit over your Commander in Chief's beliefs will REALLY endear you lot to the part of the world that sees you as bigoted asstards.

Bigoted asstards.

B8ovin said...

Big Foot released a press statement saying he doesn't exist. Dumbass crypto-zoologists, unable to discern any other explanation, accept statement as proof of Big Foot's existence, vow to spend lifetime searching for elusive proof of mythological being.