Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Underneath the Coverage

A friend of mine tweeted this link last night. My favorite part about it? Read the very first comment following the post -- the one that succinctly points out the inevitable #6 on this list.

Rock My Car: 5 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Journalist/5.10.07

Given that this was written back in 2007 -- and considering how much the industry has changed since then -- you may as well tack one more on there:

#7. Be prepared to have to pay for everything.


Mozglubov said...

I actually thought it was kind of funny all the claims of understanding 'how the world works' and being 'smarter than you'. In the scientific world, journalists are constantly railed against for their utter lack of understanding and ridiculous misinterpretations.

Jacki Schechner said...

G-d would this be amazing radio fodder. I'd add the following:

#8. The raging narcissism that led us to want to see our face on TV or our name in the paper in the first place is the same self-absorption that will lead us to crave adoration from anyone and everyone we meet. And if said attention comes from an attractive colleague, see #6.

Alanna said...

Jacki, that's hilarious.

motheralex said...

I just threw up a little bit into my mouth.

firedmyass said...

What an exhausting twat.

Anonymous said...

#9 - They have a tendency to ignore Starfleet regulations.

CNNfan said...

#10 - Female journalists may be dazzlingly impressive, particularly to FOX News, when they wear big pink hats.

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