Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trust Exercise

Credit where credit is due: CNN has absolutely owned the Sherrod story, and in doing so helped to change the course of it for the better.

Gibbs just gave a White House press briefing where he said that Tom Vilsack is trying to get a hold of Sherrod to personally apologize to her -- and she's sitting live on CNN's set watching the whole thing.

Bravo, guys.


Alanna said...

calling all CNNFans

BenoƮt from Ottawa said...

In your opinion (whoever), is Sherrod liable to sue the shuck out of Fox News? (Or, perhaps rather, are they going to be offering her 1/4 million to please please settle out of court?)

Ref said...

Obama needs to "regretfully" accept Vilsack's resignation and make it clear that his administration will not tolerate rash decisions based on right wing media smears. He also needs to call out Breitbart by name and announce a reconsideration of the ACORN incident.

CNNfan said...

Hi Alanna,

Watching Bill O'Reilly (have others) repeatedly express praise for CNN, Reliable Sources in particular, sort of gave me a sense something like this was coming.

The best I could come up then with was, "Well, Larry King, his old nemesis who he knocked out of first place in 2001, is retiring. O'Reilly may be doing this, as a professional courtesy to CNN?"

Then O'Reilly went into his spiel about how the other news networks including CNN and MSNBC should be emulating FOX News. Well! Now I think it may all be coming together…

I suspect Bill O'Reilly sensed something like this was coming too. So Bill may have been attempting to gain the good will of CNN in advance.

Will CNN take the bait?

I can hardly wait to watch CNN's Reliable Sources
(Sunday 11am ET).

Anonymous said...

Good on 'em.

Bill Orvis White said...

Hussein Obama really shows his incompetence here. This installed-president is the one who constantly brings up race and then he fires this lady. What's it going to be, Hussein?

Next up, the oil spill. Are you going to do something to help out the ones you put out of work in my home state? Nope! You go to meetings and concerts looking pretty.

This isn't about the Honorable Mr. Breitbart who asks the tough questions. This is about the most incompetent president in this once-free nation's history.


Anonymous said...

It's time for you to come back, Chez and produce the new Erick Erickson show, "Red State."

Anonymous said...

Each time I am inclined to cut Rick Sanchez some slack, he does something very "Rick Sanchezish" and just pisses me off.

What genius at CNN thought it would actually be a good idea to have Ann Coulter on with an intellectual featherweight like Sanchez?

I thought it might be an interesting exchange and then she just owned the guy. You take one step up the credibility ladder only to have someone like Coulter kick you back down.

Embarrassing, dude.