Monday, July 26, 2010

Tom and Cherry

I have to believe that this is somehow a coordinated response to all the crap she's been getting lately -- as well a minor concession from Fox in the wake of it screwing up so royally with the whole Sherrod thing:

The Huffington Post: Fox News's Megyn Kelly Pushes Back Hard Against Tom Tancredo's Call for Obama Impeachment/7.26.10

What does it say, though, when it takes Tom Tancredo to make you appear reasonable? I mean, Jesus, he's really the perfect ideological tomato can to wheelchair out and let Kelly go a few rounds with, because the man is so ratshit crazy only the most psychotic among your audience will take umbrage at the fact that you're beating him up on national television. Tancredo's a pariah -- the Fred Phelps of politics. You'd have to be out of your mind to agree with him on just about anything.

Both Fox and Kelly know this, which is why it's not exactly daring or proof of some heretofore untapped reservoir of journalistic integrity that they're willing to call out a guy who's barely hanging on to reality on the fact that he's barely hanging on to reality.

By the way, while Tancredo may be a lunatic, don't think for a second that if the Republicans manage to retake the House in a few months they won't immediately begin moving to impeach President Obama. Cesca's been harping on this for quite a while, and he's absolutely right. Given the climate out there right now, the one they would ostensibly need to exploit in order to get elected, they would be beholden to the notion of forcing Obama out for any manner of ridiculous, completely made-up reasons. Think about all that indignant posturing and wasted taxpayer cash spent investigating one horseshit scandal after another during Clinton years, then multiply it by a thousand. Nothing else would get done. The government would basically grind to a halt, all so that they could, at best, blame Obama for failing to pass anything meaningful or beneficial for the country or, at worst, just try to push him out altogether.


Milton said...

you are absolutely right.

Tabi said...

Uh huh. And that's when Obama has enough, rips open his shirt, says "hell no!" and turns into Black Dynamite!