Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Sacrilege

I've watched this a few times now and it gets a little more surreal with each viewing. I'm not sure what the more fascinating aspect of it is -- that he's hawking siding, windows and roofing while preaching conservative Christian values and an end to "secular socialism" or the fact that evangelicals are so arrogant in their moral certitude that they feel they can use their faith as a selling point. I mean, you'd never hear a Zen Buddhist or, perish the thought, an atheist telling a TV audience that it should buy his crap because he knows what's right for America and has the ticket to the hereafter.

By the way, if you want to make this really entertaining -- watch it while simultaneously playing GG Allin on your computer.

(via Christian Nightmares)


Tabi said...

GG there's a sick one.

Chez said...

Yeah, but he drank his own urine. I'm all about Ellen Page's.

Anonymous said...

This seems like a joke! It's clearly an ad that wouldn't go over on the either coast. I mean, wouldn't that lose him as many clients as it gained? VERY surreal!

Anonymous said...

Unless the coast was North Carolina

Eric said...


Siding and windows was the Secular Socialists' trump card! We failed to get single-payer healthcare passed and our agenda has been severely compromised, but we still knew if we could make inroads in windows and siding we'd have all of America sucking on the godless teat of radical Marxism in NO TIME.

Only now it looks like this Terrell guy is on to us. FUCK!

Okay, okay. Calm down, Eric. There's still plumbing. Or maybe heating and air, yeah. Okay. We can salvage this. Just take a deep breath, remember to bring it up at the next meeting.

Ref said...

Uh, you've gotta get out of the city now and then. This kind of shit is big in the South and the "Heartland" where every kind of businessman will have some kind of indicator in his advertising that he's a Christer, and evangelicals do business, as much as possible, only with other evangelicals. Makes you wonder about those money-changers in the temple, doesn't it?

kanye said...

Plumbing, Eric?

Paging Bill White.

Janean said...

OK - that's just looney.

I decided that I would ask my brother what he thinks about this (he's a conservative christian - which sucks - but I love him anyway), and he was appalled by it too. I kind of half expected him to defend it, but he said "why would he even bother to add that in there - is he selling siding or running for office?"

Maybe this kind of crap is "big in the South" like Ref says, but if it is I'm glad that I haven't ever noticed it here in my little corner of SC.

Anonymous said...

And that ladies & gentlmen is why i refuse to buy anything from any purveyor who is audacious enough to have a damn fish on his/her place of business/website/what have you. (Unless it is a fish market...)