Friday, July 09, 2010


For all of those who've sent me links to and comments on this over the past 24-hours: Yeah, I'm very much aware that on Wednesday CNN fired its long-time senior Middle East affairs editor, Octavia Nasr, for tweeting something "controversial."

I did three interviews on the subject yesterday with various news outlets -- because I seem to definitely be the go-to guy on this specific brand of CNN stupid -- and I'd planned on putting something together on it for today, but the truth is I'm swamped right now.

Bottom line: I'll have something more substantial to say about this over the weekend.

Happy Friday, kids.


Jacki Schechner said...

I was stumped for a good headline. You nailed it. Nicely done.

Le Penseur said...

Where can I find video or audio of the interviews you did?

Chez said...

One was for NPR on the West Coast -- it was live so who knows. Another was for Business Insider; in the end they referenced me and used the CNN blogger memo that I forwarded to them. The third was with AOL and hasn't come out yet.

Le Penseur said...

I would love to see you as a guest on Maddow or as a panelist on Real Time. Is something like that possibly in the works?

CNNfan said...

As a CNNfan, I feel that the damage social networks do by getting on-air and off-air talent fired at the news networks is a drop in the bucket. Compared to the real damage social networks do by losing viewership for the news networks. Turning valuable ratings that raise revenues for the news network into social network traffic has been reported to cause marketers to abandon ship.

So I think it is smart that CNN enforces a blogging policy that social networks really are off limits. CNNers beware! The chances of becoming famous like Chez for getting deuced¹ for blogging, are slim at best.

Rule of Thumb: Leave the blogging to your CNNfans. Perhaps, for the sake of conversation, enforcement of blogging policies may not be called for when paying last respects to the dead² which many of us know sometimes is not easy to find the right words.

¹Deuced means to get fired.

² Disclaimer: Absolutely no support for any political organisation is implied nor suggested.

Ref said...

But Erick Ericsson (whatever spelling!) still has a job...