Friday, July 23, 2010

Listening Post

Ah, remember when techno was supposed to take over the world? It didn't, but the Crystal Method's Vegas album is still a benchmark in the genre.

And I still love this song.

Here's Busy Child.


Liz in Austin said...

My techno go-to album. Sweet.

Christine said...

I remember driving out to Philly to see them live with friends, before fell head first into the rave scene myself. They were good fun. Even dead sober.

Chez said...

I'll never understand how you left out the single best part of the rave scene. It's like going to a world-renowned bar-b-q place and ordering a salad.

VOTAR said...

Go to a rave dead sober? That's just sacrilege.

Everyone has their personal "top ten albums of all time" list in their heads. Vegas is certainly on mine.