Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Listening Post

You all know my feelings about these guys (and now girl).

Here's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Beat the Devil's Tattoo.


L. said...

The last time I saw these guys was on a trip to New York in April and I'm already itching for another show.

And you can't not have a bit of a swagger in your step when listening to this song. Plus (though I'm not in the demographic to truly appreciate this) Olivia Wilde said it's her song of choice to strip to. You're welcome for that visual.

Tabi said...

What a great song.

Olivia Wilde's a goddamn tease.
(did I say that out loud?) :x

Lisa said...

Actually, I can hear this somewhere in a True Blood episode.

slouchmonkey said...

Live version. Even better.