Friday, July 02, 2010

Listening Post

Yeah, and I might've liked this song's chorus better if Debora Iyall hadn't looked like a sumo wrestler. Still, this ranks as one of those tracks from the 80s that somehow holds up pretty well. It's a damn cool song -- one dripping with Less Than Zero-style nihilism.

Here's Romeo Void's Never Say Never.

And as a bonus, it's the Queens of the Stone Age cover of it.


kanye said...

I wonder how many people here can appreciate just how goddam good, how completely refreshing this sounded coming out of a pair of speakers in 1982? Or just how controversial it was?

"Proper Society" hated this song. I mean they absolutely HATED it. Nobody said things like this out loud back then--well, some people did but, not this catchily (not really a word, I know). It makes sense that it's held up; it never stops driving forward and it's impossible to play this song too loud.

This almost makes up for that slice of dry, white toast that you served up yesterday. (h/t-Alert Reader and all-around sweetheart, Tabi.)

Chez said...

Glad I won you back, Kanye.

VOTAR said...

Oof. I guess maybe I'm glad that the city council in Tampa didn't allow MTV on cable for the first few years back in the 80s and I never saw the video for this until now.

That little piggy might like me better if I sleep with it?

No thanks.

Tabi said...

Well, Kanye, if you take into consideration the fact that I was born in 1983 you may understand my lack of appreciation for the way this sounded in 1982.

That being said, the song is awesome, and I fully appreciate the way it sounds in 2010.

Oh, and leave my '90s bands alone. I was in high school when that song came out. It brings me back to the good old days just like this one does for you. :)

epnuzguy said...

Love the kazoo in the cover version. Priceless.

KLS said...

Josh Homme can do no wrong.

Lisa said...

I had an EP w/an extended version of NSN that I played religiously.

And the QOSA cover was just awesome! AWEsome!