Monday, July 19, 2010

Dream Big

Believe the hype -- Inception is just bloody fantastic.

The New York Times: Inception Exceeds Box Office Dreams/7.19.10


dragoniv said...

Inception was made all the more awesome by a power outage in the middle of the flick. For a few stunned seconds, we and the rest of the moviegoers were thinking "this is part of the movie, right?"

That's how totally disorientating the experience gets. Even so, it's a terrific film.

Dan said...

I saw it over the weekend, amazing movie.

And it's one of those movies you can't really tell others about without spoiling it some. So just go see it, even if you have a thing against Leo because you had to sit through Titanic a few too many times. *cough*

Austin said...

I didn't think it was all that disorienting or complex. Then again, I read books on string theory for fun, so I might not be the best gauge.

That being said (and trying to say this without giving anything away), the big drama with DiCaprio's character all seemed... I don't know, tacked on. They had to explain too much rather than letting it flow out through the story. It was also really slow in parts, at least to me.

I still think it was pretty good, though.