Monday, July 19, 2010

Brightness Falls

For those of you who live under the misguided assumption that a lack of book learnin' is something relegated mostly to the flyovers and Central Florida -- take a second to marvel at how half of these places are in California.

If you've ever driven even 40 miles or so east from, say, the Pacific Coast Highway, this will come as no of surprise to you at all.

The Huffington Post: The LEAST Educated Cities in America/7.19.10


Heather said...

My home town is on there. This does not surprise me, but is a bit sad too. There is, however, a reason I left.

Alanna said...

My ex and I made the grave mistake of purchasing a couch off CraigsList located in...San Bernardino. We lived San Clemente, CA at the time, right on the water. We had never, ever seen anything past, say, Pasadena.

2 hours later, several Circle K's and trying to inch our rental truck through a Jesus freak parade (replete with SIGNS covered in fake blood supporting Jesus, our Savior who bled for our sins- of course) we happened upon the apartment building in the middle of San Bernardino. Oh, and our couch. We drove 2+ hours for a dual recliner l-shaped sectional circa 1995 - but brand new for $150!

That's the last time we ventured into the land of 909'ers if not driving straight to Vegas.

Bill Orvis White said...

Libraries are something that government does not need to provide. We have strayed too far from what our Founding Fathers envisioned. They wished to see an America whereby all of her citizens went to church, ate canned pork and beans and listened to Glenn Beck.

It's time to take our country back from those who have hijacked it and forced far-left Socialist policies down our throats and that includes Godless libraries where books that promote the gay agenda, unlimited deviant sexual escapades and teachings of Dustin Diamond. Libraries are also where all kinds of debauchery happens and that includes perverts spilling their precious seed on those Godless books.

This once-free nation needs to shutter all of its libraries and replace them with military outposts.

God Bless,

Jester said...

Yep, my home town is also on that list. And yes, I've moved away from there, too. ;-)

But to be fair, keep your eye on what these percentages are measuring. Given the choice between a California high school diploma, and a Bachelor's Degree from, say, Kansas State University or Bob Jones University... which would you choose?

That said, you can draw an almost perfectly straight line through all of those California cities. Try it: the southernmost of the cities is San Bernadino. The northernmost is Stockton.

Once you did it, you'd find that straight line runs right through the southern San Joaquin Valley, which is ground zero for illegal immigrants and migrant farm workers. There are, quite literally, millions of them living there. The most recent estimate says there are three million illegals living in California, the most of any state by both number and percentage of state population. I'd bet a solid 80% of them are living within 10 miles of the straight line I mentioned above.

And almost none of them can afford a college education, even a California-subsidized one.

Alanna said...

VERY interesting, Jester. Thanks for bringing that to light.