Friday, July 09, 2010

And Now, a Long Distance Dedication...

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from a really nice lady named Sarah Parada. She said that she and her husband were (inexplicably) big fans of this little experiment of mine and that, in particular, her hubby's love of it bordered on rabid. She mentioned how they've followed all my recent trials and traumas when it comes to the break-up with my wife and how they always enjoy seeing the pictures of Inara I post on occasion.

She then let me know that today she and her daughters would be separated from the most important guy in their lives for the first time ever on his birthday -- since he's in New York playing a gig and they're out in L.A.

See, Sarah's husband is Pete Parada -- the drummer for the Offspring.

If you follow the alt scene way too closely, you may know that Pete's played with a couple of different bands throughout his career, including, most recently, Saves the Day.

Either way, as a guy who started playing drums at age five, a fan of both the Offspring and StD and someone who certainly understands what it's like to be separated from his family, I'm more than happy to honor Sarah's wonderfully sweet e-mail request -- namely, to wish her husband, Pete, a very happy birthday.

So, Happy Birthday, Pete -- and for the record, you're a really lucky guy. Hold on to those girls, man.

By the way, if you happen to be anywhere near New York City, it's a perfect night to catch the Offspring and 311 under the stars at Jones Beach.

And now, on with the countdown.


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet, Chez. I am in the early stages of rabies over your blog myself!--Barbara

pete parada said...

thanks Chez! this is the best birthday present ever!


Chez said...

Damn, you're really getting robbed this year then.

In all seriousness, my pleasure, man. Have a good one. : )

Trepid Blogger said...

Thank you Chez. Somehow the distance feels lesser today because of the joy of being tied together on your brilliant page.

Chez said...

You guys are way too kind.

kanye said...

I almost feel like an intruder in this thread...almost.

Happy Birhday, Pete.

Alanna said...

this was all sorts of cool. I mean, really. Happy Birthday!