Friday, June 04, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Yeah, we waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. I'd do it again to save lives."

-- George W. Bush, during a speaking engagement in Grand Rapids, Michigan two days ago

I'm not sure what's more offensive: that Bush, like Cheney before him, glibly admits to what's essentially a war crime, or that -- as with all the other times this underachieving buffoon has played dress-up -- he tries to masculinely take possession of an act he'd never really have the balls to do outside of the fantasy world in his own pea brain. He says "I'd do it again" as if he were Jack Bauer, personally holding KSM's head under the water while demanding to know where the bomb is.

Obviously, if anybody deserved to suffer a little, it's Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. I'm by no means defending the guy; you could take his toes off one by one with piano wire and I wouldn't care. But in keeping with the Bush Administration's proud tradition of mind-boggling incompetence, the fact that we tortured the 9/11 mastermind -- and obviously a whole host of other prisoners -- was, at the very least, never kept quiet. Despite Bush's usual misguided and arrogant moral certitude, most people around the world don't look too fondly on states that willfully torture -- and by not only doing it but letting it get out there in the public forum, the lives of innocent Americans were put in danger, since you know damn well our enemies wouldn't take too kindly to our actions and would use our "enhanced interrogation techniques" as their "enhanced recruiting tool."

And yet Bush, now completely comfortable that he can fess up and not have to worry one bit about facing any serious personal repercussions, not only admits he ordered the Code Red, but boasts about it -- once again bringing the subject front-and-center and potentially putting our lives and the lives of our military serving abroad in the crosshairs. And the worst part about all of this is that he's doing it for purely egocentric reasons. It's just another case of Bush still, after all this time, trying to prove he's a tough-guy and not, in reality, daddy's little silver spoon-fed Ivy League pussy.

On the plus side, thanks, George, for once again handily answering this question.


liquidlen said...

I would love to waterboard George W. Bush until he admitted to being a war criminal. The thought of that man choking on water AND irony makes me warm all over.

Peter L. Winkler said...

Let me see if I've got this straight. The U.S. should torture prisoners just as long as we keep it secret, huh?

Why don't we torture criminal suspects, too? That's your logic. The right wing's position was to replace the presumption of innocence with guilt. If we imprisoned someone in Gitmo, they became not a criminal suspect, but a terrorist and therefore it was OK to torture them.

According to's Glenn Greenwald, approx. 75% of Gitmo detainees were released without so much as a military tribunal. They were innocent. But we tortured them while they were imprisoned if we felt like it.

toastie said...

There are thousands of people posting to W's new Facebook page thanking him for "keeping us safe" and expressing how much they miss him. If only only those folks would go down to the gulf and form a human berm.

Chez said...

Congrats, Peter -- you win the prize for being the first to bring up the most obvious retort. My point wasn't that torturing people is okay as long as no one finds out about it; it was more an insult-to-injury argument, that Bush was so dumb not only did he do it, he couldn't even keep it quiet. On the contrary, he boasts about it, indifferent or ignorant to the fact that it puts American lives and America's reputation in jeopardy.

Alanna said...

C+ average.

Che Grovera said...

You left off the "heh, heh" in the quote.

Bill Orvis White said...

You're able to write this drivel today because the Honorable GW Bush made the tough choices to root out Islamo-Fascism wherever it existed...and it existed with this KSM animal. GW was able to extract key pieces of information to stop at least another 30 attacks - two of which were on scales bigger than 9-11. We were safe for seven wonderful years where a culture of life prevailed and the word of the Lord Almighty, Sweet Baby Jesus and Richard B. Cheney kept us assured that the United States would rise from the ashes on our sacred soil.

Now, I am sad to report that we are no longer safe as it has been evidenced under Hussein Obama what with the Underwear Bomber and Times Square attack.

There is hope and that is when a grand jury investigates Lil Hussein's many misdeed including his incompetence in creating the world's worst economy, illegal health care, crap and trade, this huge oil disaster and now buying off these guys in PA and CO. It will be a speedy impeachment and removal process whereby this illegitimate "president" will be handcuffed out of the White House and God-willing someone responsible will take "his" place and fast!

"President" Barack Hussein Obama has done more damage to the country than Usama bin Laden. It's time that we take it all back from him and his ultra-far-left-liberal-progressive friends.

God Bless and Amen,

B8ovin said...

I don't know Chez, you kind of diluted your point, as you describe it to Peter, when you say, "I'm by no means defending the guy; you could take his toes off one by one with piano wire and I wouldn't care."

This statement kind of horrified me to be honest. I mean I've read you enough to know you have a mean streak, and that you will use overstatement to make your point, but, really?

The US has prosecuted water boarding as torture since the Spanish-American War, we've signed International treaties making water boarding illegal, and there is no evidence torture has saved a single American life. True, Bush's glib confession of being a war criminal puts "America's reputation in jeopardy" and was dumb. But the act itself on ANY person did that. Selling ourselves to the rest of the world as a nation of laws based on human rights is forever made more difficult, not because the rest of the world knows of this, but because we, as a nation can no longer believe our hype.

Chez said...

Hey, you can't defend everybody.

Alanna said...

who doesnt have a mean streak?

Tabi said...

I have mean highlights.

Anonymous said...

I like the article. Especially the first paragraph.

Mart said...

My problem with " take his toes off" is that is Jack Bauer BS as well. All torture achieves is false positives ending up in wild goose chases; and really bad guys like the Sheikh walking in court as you can not admit evidence obtained under torture ('cause of the false positives).

Sheriff Bart said...

Look at that face. How can anybody be angry at that pooonam. Who was the 43rd prez? YOU were the 43rd prez.
Yes you were. Yes you were!
Oooogieee boooogieee boooo!
There's a smile.

Chez said...

Oh I wasn't talking about taking his toes off to get information out of him, Mart. I meant just for the hell of it.

Anonymous said...

hey stinkin' billy... who would your precious Jebus torture?

Anonymous said...

A. Bush didn't do any of this, you are correct he wants to sound like the tough guy. News flash though, the President although the commander in chief doesn't have a clue of everything that goes down on the ground.

B. Waterboarding, to get info is ok. The problem is, you can recieve bad intel in the process.

C. You shouldn't talk about stuff you have no clue on such as serving abroad or crosshairs.

D. You should use your talents to focus on current events...the Bush thing is played out.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I found it interesting reading everyone's post. Chez it must be a real trip seeing all these personalities come out of the woodwork... or perhaps you don't get surprised any more.

I'm personally with you on this one but I think many people missed your point. Anyway, I'm sure even when he's dead and buried you'll still have people saluting the man thinking how wonderful he was...

The problem in America is so ingrained that I'm sure it will take many generations before the stupidity is bread out of people, or before a major overhaul of your media has taken place. The fact that you have people like Glen Beck polluting the airwaves is a testament to comments from readers like Billy-bob.

But perhaps I'm not being a realist; many generations may just not be long enough...

French Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous@11:00pm

An alternative to breading stupidity out of people is educating them properly - that is, without interference from religion or rich dudes. Sure, they'll still be fairly dumb and mean, but they'll laugh their asses off when someone comes up and says that the Earth is 6000 years-old.

How do you stop religion and rich dudes from controlling the minds of the millions of poor suckers ? Make sure that the poor suckers have enough to eat, a place to sleep (in my country, minimal wage is currently about $1500 a month, for weeks of 39 hours), and an affordable healthcare. Then they'll have the leisure to think by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Dear French Anonymous,

Anonymous here.

I agree with you whole heartily. Yes yes yes, you are absolutely correct.

Education & Self Awareness are very important.

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous@11pm and French Anonymous@2.05pm: yea, look, i have a hard time taking your comments seriously when you speak of the stupidity being "bread" out of people, and the alternative to "breading stupidity" is education.
what are you planning to do? knead them to death?