Thursday, June 10, 2010

Listening Post

I'm pretty sure I posted this once before, quite a while ago, but I woke up this morning just feeling like hearing it. Besides, if you don't own everything these guys have ever done -- you should.

Here's Doves, with the gorgeously cinematic Snowden.


L. said...

I once read something to the effect of 'if you don't like Doves you've either not heard them or you're a mongoloid'. I pretty much agree. I can't understand how they're less popular than Coldplay.

Of course now I have to go be depressed about the hiatus they're currently taking. (Not to nitpick here gents, but you're 'trying to break the studio-tour-studio monotony'? There were 4 years between the last two proper albums. There had to be a break in there somewhere. Ugh, I'm just bitter because I saw them live last year and they kicked all kinds of ass.)

David Davies said...

Kingdom of Rust makes me cry buckets of tears every single time I hear it.

Lisa said...

One of those bands I always hear about but just haven't managed to listen to...yet. Thanks for this, Chez. They're brilliant. Really lovely stuff.

(oddly, the lead singer went from reminding me of Billy Ray Cyrus in one frame to Javier Bardem in another...)