Friday, June 04, 2010

Listening Post

Like the film genre it pays homage to, there's nothing the least bit subtle about this clip -- but that's more than okay.

And yes, despite the melodrama it bleeds from every note and frame, of course I can't help but have a special appreciation for this song and video right now. Must be the fact that Inara goes back to New York in a couple of days.

Here's an underappreciated favorite from the 80s: Asia's The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.


Yatz said...

So, yes, ok, I can appreciate how you might connect to this on levels that have nothing to do with the music - still, I feel a sense of betrayal... Shoving the fact that Guitar God Steve Howe had anything to do with that pile of musical(?) s--t in my face - not cool, man, not cool.

blackbird said...

I agree with Chez. Maybe you had to be there in the 80s Yatz....