Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Listening Post

Broken Bells teams James Mercer of the Shins with producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse -- and the result is everything you'd imagine it could be.

Here's The High Road.


L. said...

This is a great song. I have tickets to see them this weekend and am quite looking forward to it.

Alanna said...

@L - where are they playing!? I so badly want to see them. Even if Kel was right when he said "it sounds like each of them faxed this in". Still love this album.

L. said...

They're playing the Electric Factory in Philadelphia this Sunday.

Adrienne Saia said...

First off - I have some awesome (and fuzzy) memories from the Electric Factory. That being said, I wish they'd play a smaller Philly venue like the TLA (personal favorite). Have fun at the show, L.

I heard these guys last weekend when I was in Austin for a wedding. Their music was the best thing my buddy's hipster Williamsburg girlfriend brought to the weekend.