Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Go for the Throat

If you haven't yet figured out that Christopher Hitchens is a walking disaster whose continued existence alone defies the laws of both God and science, you're obviously down at least two or three senses. You could rightly describe him as Falstaffian, if only Falstaff had been an insufferably miserable prick.

So with that in mind, it comes as no surprise that Hitchens has just been diagnosed with esophageal cancer -- which he'll now have to undergo chemotherapy to combat.

It also comes as no surprise that despite the insatiable gluttony for vices of every kind that likely landed him where he is right now, this is a goddamned tragedy. Why? Because pompous ass or not, Hitchens is one of the sharpest minds on the planet -- an unapologetic intellectual whose fearless contrarianism is as refreshing as it is infuriating.

Bottom line: It'd be a shame to lose him.

The world needs more people like Christopher Hitchens, not fewer.

Good luck, Hitch.


Anonymous said...

The man seems to have scotch for blood, and even completely toasted can shoot holes in an opponent's argument with wit and ease. I have a love/hate relationship with him from afar, but this news saddens me. I wish him the best; he thought waterboarding was torture--chemo, poor thing!

timelady said...

What he said. I can't imagine a world without his voice tearing acid etched and delicately carved strips of of things - some that i agree wholly with, some that i want to shout vehemently at him about. At least he makes us think.

The media does that so damn rarely now. McDonalds pre digested media, let us do the thinking for you. Media in a sesame seed soft bun, with no texture - or anything besides artificial additives.

America had to import this intellectual, ad it seems thats why he is listened to so much more than the home grown variety - or so it seems from this distance.

I prefer to think, as happened with my dad*, that cancer has Hitch - and i won't put odds on the cancer...

*(my dad whomped advanced prostate cancer)

Deacon Blue said...

There are many kinds of arrogant assholes in the world.

There are the ones that upon shucking their mortal coil really wouldn't leave a lasting void.

And there are those whose disappearance would leave a gaping void.

Rush Limbaugh falls into the former camp.

Hitchens the latter.

All the best for Hitchens' fight against cancer. Hopefully he won't lose his voice as Roger Ebert has.

Chez said...

Actually, I really enjoy the fact that since his battle with cancer, Ebert's voice has ironically become deafening.

Anonymous said...

i love hitchens. he once said of jerry falwell:

"give him an enema and you could bury him in a matchbox."

Deacon Blue said...

I agree with ya Chez, from the standpoint of following Ebert on Twitter and such. I was thinking more of what I assume would be the day-to-day suckage of effectively communicating with wife and others in person.

I imagine there much be someone in Hitchens' life who lives for the sounds of his scotch-and-tobacco huskiness.

Trixi said...

Good luck Mr. Hitchens. He may defy science, but he really, really defies God.

Speaking of Ebert: if you're on Twitter, I would urge you to follow him. You don't just get the movies, but pithy remarks, snarky photos and links, and thoughtful reflections on the news o' the day.

John said...

I was just going to mention this as a little fun fact to cheer you up, but it looks like we're talking about Roger Ebert anyway: you should really check out his thrashing of the latest M. Night Shyamalan disaster. It's a thing of beauty.

Anonymous said...

M. Night Shyamalan... he has nothing to say... and he keeps on saying it.

Dan Coyle said...

"M. Night Shyamalan... he has nothing to say... and he keeps on saying it."

That's the TWIST!

J. Dack said...

Fingers crossed he makes it through and sticks around a while.

cgwalt said...

Those were nice sentiments Chez.
His take on the Iraq war pissed me off but I simply love the way he writes.
His views for the most part are mine and I wish him a speedy recovery. We need that caustic pompous shit more than ever now.

Ref said...

I loved a piece he did on English culture, advising tourists to visit the reading room at the British Museum in order to try out its legendary echoes.

courtney said...

i'd miss reading mr. hitchen's articles and enjoying his mostly different point of view.
good luck with the chemo; it can be a real bitch