Thursday, June 17, 2010


I remember one day, early in my career, when I ordered a graphic for a story we were doing about the death of actor Bob Crane. I asked for it to read "Crane Murder Mystery" -- with the words superimposed over an image of Crane's face. The finished product, however -- created by the teenagers in the art department and which ultimately wound up accidentally making it on-air -- featured the aforementioned cutline over a picture of a large construction crane.

This is funnier, and more depressing, than that.

(via Alert Reader Tariq)


Colombo said...

The best bit is that "Chicago's Very Own -" has a "FAIL" section... wonder if they'll accept this picture

Bill Weye said...

I know this isn't what the wing nuts are talking about, but this is the Lame Stream Media to me.

Deacon Blue said...

I don't inspires me to want to explore the lovely continent of South Africa someday, and sample it's wide variety of nations and cultures.

Maybe after that I can trek to the North Pole...which is in the center of Antarctica, right?

Kel said...

I'm booking my ticket right now for Tierra del Fuego.. I want to catch the final game of the World Cup.

em said...

Wow--a picture taken from the news station I watch every morning. Aaaaand it's not all that surprising. I love the sports guy, but yeah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well .. there's that whole "God invented war to teach Americans geography" thing.
Here's just a bit more proof.