Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Comment of the Week

In response to the Lara Logan Quote of the Day from yesterday: This came from a close friend of mine who's been in the cable news business for years and remains there today, therefore, I'll keep her identity anonymous. Suffice it to say, though, that I trust her implicitly -- and everything she says here, sent via e-mail, is a matter of public record.

I'm not one to judge, since I think journalism is an inherently amoral business, but it's an amusing factoid given the sanctimonious tone Logan takes when discussing her "personal life."

"Let’s not forget that Lara Logan was IMPREGNATED by a man she did a story on. I think it’s a nice little coda to your story. She reported on a married contractor, filming him both in Iraq and at his home in (I believe) Texas with his wife and young baby. The reason she was on maternity leave was because she gave HIM an all-access pass and apparently there were no ground rules, but a lot was laid down. This was while she was dating CNN’s war-star Michael Ware. Bottom Line: she wasn’t just figuratively blowing her interview subjects. And, while she may or may not be a half-way decent reporter (and I’m not exactly sold on her abilities so much as her producers'), let’s also not forget she started out at the Barbizon School of Journalism – she was a bathing suit model before she got her big break."


Anonymous said...

I'm going to need to see some proof of this bikini model claim in order to take this seriously.

Chez said...

Oh, that's not even up for debate. It was a huge controversy when she first got her job.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, my creepy snark level wasn't high enough last comment. So let me be blunt-let's see some links to 34D Logan. And sorry about the anonymous post. Mobile device commenting sucks.

Chez said...

Google away, my friend.

Adam said...

"Access" doesn't get much better that that.

kanye said...

Somebody had to take Judy Miller's place.

em said...

"Barbizon School of Journalism "

Is that affiliated with the Barbizon School that teaches classes on how to be Governor of Alaska?

Marton said...

Hi Chez,

A late note. Thanks for posting the Taibbi piece. He is absolutely right. I don't own a TV and I don't live in the US, but when traveling, I occasionally get to see CNN and that is bad enough. Network News (in my day it was ABC/CBS/NBC) was just about always very establishment, very lets-not-rock-the-boat, and it was a disgrace. Now, what the Tea Baggies call "left wing liberal commie press" is so middle of the road, it's enough to make one puke (and I consider myself a bit of a conservative!)

I don't know how Hastings got his material, but power to him.... I suspect it was by the classic "trick" of being unassuming and LISTENING. That is what these TV vacuums don't do. They don't listen. They are preening all the time and couldn't see a story if it slithered up to them and got them pregnant.



Brandon said...

Chez, you definitely have a point here calling her out, but it's hard for me to really care about her lack of journalistic integrity when I want to wrap her legs around my waist like a belt and test her vocal range...too subtle?

Aaron B. Brown said...

Bathing suit models have their place in the world don't they, and sometimes they become the most sought after *wink wink* journalist in the business. I mean baby, that's some damn good journalism you got there! Give me some of that journalism Mama! That's it baby, report me, report me, report me good!

Truth is if men could do what the ladies can in their coverage of the war zone, they would. And I'm sure when Don't Ask Don't Tell falls, we'll see a whole new crop of young masculine friends of Dorothy populating the networks and newsrooms. A brave New World for some up-and-coming go-getters in the biz. Soon the quality of the war story may come in direct correlation to the quality of the ass accompanying it. The reasonably qualified should have a more than reasonable chance of mining good info in this virginal territory.

Maybe we should turn all the beauty pageant contestants in America into journalists send them into Afghanistan in massive hordes, equal to our troop numbers. As we all know sex sells, but in a war zone it comes at a platinum premium. When you think you might get killed the next day, one last piece ass from some fine ass honey looks like heaven. Half our girls will work the US troops, and half the Taliban, we can promise them, 78 near virgins surely. Paradise right here on Earth fellas.

It'll make the greatest reality TV show of all time surely, Afghan ho' direst™. And once you have the male side of this equation covered Afghan pouf direst™ we'll have the whole theater covered. Damn I may have just discovered the standard solution for all wars in perpetuity, it was right there in front of us the whole time, just keep people fucking and they don't want fight at all © I just copyrighted this idea, so if any corporations steals it, you'd have to pay me through the nose. Trademark™ those show names as well. :)

For the record I'm obviously all for journalists ho-in themselves, as long as they remember who's their Daddy. In this relationship, We the pimp, and I want you to bring it home to daddy every day, hear me Mamacita. All the rest is suckers, I'm the one that makes you feel all right chica. ;)

Lara just forgot who she hustlin for, and I guess that means WE THE PEOPLE weren't keeping up our end of the bargain, she just hooked up with the winning team, the meat eaters. We better think about that for we lose all our bitches.

No offense to Lara, I think she's fabulous, and has guts.