Monday, May 31, 2010

Quote of the Day

"There's no one who wants this over more than I do. I would like my life back."

-- BP CEO Tony Hayward

Really, jackass? You want your life back? You know who else does? Every fisherman along the Louisiana coast, whose means of supporting himself and his family has been strangled by your monumental fuck-up. And seeing as how you're raking in around 4.5 mil a year, I'd say your life's pretty damn good regardless.

(via Cesca)


Jadine said...

Exactly my thoughts, Chez. What is going on right now with BP is a crime. I was absolutely appalled when I heard him say that on the news this morning. It sickens me to see these buffoons make excuses each morning. Put someone in charge that knows what the fuck they're doing instead of some guy who always looks like he just rolled out of bed (which I'm quite sure he just did).

Capt Aclow said...

I read that quote yesterday and had the exact reaction. The brass balls of these out-of-touch execs is beyond inconceivable.

This situation is an embarrassing inconvenience for BP's CEO, and dips in stock price reduce his net worth to some degree.

I'm not saying it doesn't suck for him to be in this position right now, but his position is that of a drunk driver who mowed down and killed a little girl in a crosswalk, and telling the parents that they're not grieving any more than you are.

He's clearly qualified for a job at Goldman Sachs if this gig doesn't work out for him.

kanye said...

Dude looks like he's been hittin' the bottle. And by bottle, I mean Grecian Formula.

Tom said...

How about the eleven people who *really* would like their lives back?

Words fail.

Anonymous said...

The problem is - no one knows what the fuck they're's all guesswork at this point.

Generally speaking, I've held out hope that capatalism might still be viable (somehow) until this shit started. Yes another peg on the ladder of 'life will never be the same'...

If there can possibly be a's the the biggest and most in-your-face reason for alternative energy R&D and implementation we've seen to date, that nobody will disagree with.


Roket said...

Yea, it really sucks to be staring responsibility right in the face, doesn't it Tony?

Chez said...

What's interesting is that in spite of all their screw-ups, I've given BP the benefit of the doubt quite a bit. Want to know who to blame for the fact that they're drilling a mile below the ocean a few miles offshore in the Gulf? Look in the mirror. They cater to us -- to our need. Does this mean that they should get away with not having a functional failsafe so that something like this couldn't have happened? No, of course not. But make no mistake about who makes companies like BP a very necessary evil.

And no, I'm not suggesting we all Begley out and start building highways for bicyclyes and powering our homes with our own urine. Just saying that we're the addicts in this equation. Eating a gigantic steak anytime you want (and not paying, oh say, $40 per mile for it) and complaining about how the cows are slaughtered seems slightly disingenuous to me.

Bill Orvis White said...

I will head down in a few weeks to volunteer if President Hussein Obama can’t fix his mistake.
History will prove that Lil Hussein and his helpers are totally incompetent and that his predecessor made all the right moves.

In 50 years, you’ll be thanking GWB for the ridding the world of evil and increasing the need for a much-needed resource that powers your car.
You’ll also be thanking GWB for safer streets and the freedom to worship the Lord Almighty whenever and wherever you choose. You see, Chez, GWB made the hard decisions that Bubba Clinton, Jimmah and now Lil Hussein were scared to make. Check back with me and thank not only GWB, but me as well.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

A fine comment, Chez. It is, indeed, high time that Americans stopped with the "they did it to me" whining, and faced up to what is glaring at them in the mirror. We are self-made victims. It's no wonder we can't stomach the pathetic sight or sound (or opinions) of each other.

Shannon from Saskatoon said...

The sun is out for the first time in drizzly days here in Saskatoon. So, in this haze of goodwill, I going to imagine he meant to say that he was sorry he sold his soul for money and that he learned to ignore that the nest he helped poop in is also the one he lives in.

And then I am going to imagine my modest-sized prairie city without a sizeable majority of giant half-ton trucks and single passengers clearly not on their way from hauling cargo.

I am with Anonymous at 7:57 p.m. This could be the tall, oily drink of water we've all been avoiding.

babita781 said...

It wasn't intentional, but once something like this happens, the CEO should work day and night to fix it, and never say something like that. People really DIED not to mention everything else. They want their lives back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks fark poster...

"The oil spill may have a silver lining: Obama proposes rolling back billions of dollars in tax breaks for oil companies to fund clean energy research"


Daro said...

"we're the addicts in this equation"

Oh Chez, I think "slave" is the term your struggling for. No-one asked me to opt in to this society. From the moment I was born, wherever I landed, Mr. Landlord was there with his hand outstretched demanding sums of money in monthly payments of an amount that could only be summoned by working in the petro-driven economy. He's still there, right outside my door. I'd live on the "free" streets if I could but that'd be illegal. And you're not asking me to break the law are you? Anyway, I haven't owned a car for 10 years and always take public transport but it hasn't helped has it? The uber wealthy have simply filled the consumption gap with Hummers and ocean-going yachts.