Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quote of the Day

"And that's why the best rap on libertarians isn't that they're racist, or selfish. (Though some of them are those things, and their beliefs encourage both bad behaviors, even if accidentally.) It's that they're thoroughly out of touch with reality. It's a worldview that prospers only so long as nobody tries it, and is too unreflective and self-absorbed to realize this. In other words, it's bratty. And that's bad enough."

-- Gabriel Winant in Salon

Man, Rand Paul is just the gift that keeps on giving these days. Of course it's tough to feel too sorry for a guy who just said that beating up on poor, put-upon BP is "un-American" because, well, "accidents happen" -- and that's probably the least idiotic thing that came out of his mouth this week.

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bryce said...

I hope he just keeps it coming until election day. I never expected to be this excited about voting for Jack Conway.