Monday, May 31, 2010

Listening Post

Back in the early 90s -- when the various members of the Seattle scene ruled the musical landscape, regularly playing on each other's albums and creating incestuous side projects -- a band called Brad released a terrific album called Shame. The members of Brad included Stone Gossard, Regan Hagar of Malfunkshun, and vocalist Shawn Smith, who became the go-to soulful voice for one 90s band after another. (His noteworthy work includes Satchel's masterpiece of melancholy, Suffering, and the Lo-Fi Allstars' remix of Pigeonhed's Battleflag.)

The story behind why the band chose the name Brad is the stuff of rock legend: They apparently wanted to name themselves Shame, but were sued by a guy named Brad Wilson who claimed that he had already taken the name for his own band -- surely you remember them -- and so, out of spite, or just as a really great joke, Gossard and company decided to call themselves "Brad."

Thank God Vevo finally made this clip available for embed, because I've been waiting for it for a very long time. Here's the gorgeous opening track from the debut Brad album -- Buttercup.


Bill Orvis White said...

It's Memorial Day and all you can write about is a bunch of weed-smoking morons who made bad music. You are the ultimate left-wing Secular Progressive, Chez. I love you, but you need to understand that brave men made sacrifices for you to live and breathe as you do right now. You liberal Democrats need to honor the fallen because you all NEVER DO IT! I know you'll write back that you,"care about the fighting men and women in our armed forces." You all say it, but you never mean it because you are Godless liberals. I've heard that jibberish before and I'm not buying it as Mr. O'Reilly always said. Yer all cut from the same cloth: feminists, animal rights activists, war protestors, Democrats, the whole sorry lot of you. I'm hopping mad today. Y'all try to buy Senate seats what with that Burris fella and now traitor Specter. A grand jury needs to investigate all of you. I can't take it anymore. You mock us, you Communists and what do we get in return? More mockery.

Anonymous said...

Calm down Bill.

Kronos said...

Paranoid sometimes? There's ways to alleviate that, although occasionally, it kinda makes it worse.

Maybe some people gauge honoring the fallen men and women in this country, fighting in wars, some they should be in, many they should not be in, by a different stick than how man cockamamie magnetic ribbons you have on your suburban, or who can scream the loudest "HEY LISTEN TO ME. I HONOR THE MOTHERFUCKING TROOPS. HOW ABOUT YOU? YOU DO? WELL THEN PARDNER, LETS HEAR YOU SCREAM IT ACROSS EMAIL, FACEBOOK, and MYSPACE."

Great, start a chain letter to honor the troops than wonder why many people take a pass pn your "tribute". How about getting your ass down to a cemetary where veterans are buried and honored, like I did this weekend. The godless liberal I am.

And yeah, I may protest the orders our kick ass military are given to accomplish missons, but I salute the fact that they need to do that shit carte blanche. I simultaneously abhor the fuckers (politicians) who use this discipline and training against them while nodding is awe at the loyalty they must adhere to in order to stay alive.

I'm cracking a cold one tonight to the many friends I have in the service. I honor them, but I don't see a magnetic bumper sticker to try and impress others.