Friday, May 28, 2010

Listening Post

Since yesterday I posted the Sun Kil Moon Heron Blue trailer for Gears of War 3 -- I figured I'd continue the video game theme to end the week.

From the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack -- and proving that games truly have risen to the level of playable movies, and of actual honest-to-God art -- here's José González's staggeringly good new single, Far Away.

Happy Friday, everybody.


Santini Stadium said...

I've been trying not to play video games lately since they require such a huge amount of time devotion. But this one was a necessary pick-up. Hogtying people and dragging them behind your horse as you're shooting people while chasing a train to save a town......honestly, how is this not every guy's wet dream?

Riles said...

I've been playing the game for a week and it fucking rocks. It's just unreal.

Also, John Hillcoat (director of The Road and The Proposition) produced/directed a 30 minute movie based on and using scenes from the game. It's on tomorrow night on Fox.

Chez said...

I'm used to the adrenaline rush provided by some games -- some really immersive stories and impressive and surprising plot twists. But when, from out of nowhere, far into the game, you get on a horse and ride across the Mexican plain by yourself and this song suddenly begins playing -- it's transcendent. The game instantly becomes something truly special: It becomes emotionally imbued art. It makes you feel -- and that's an entirely unexpected thing.

J. Dack said...

It's funny, I was already feeling immersed in RDR but when this song kicked in at that part of the game it blew my mind.

Also because I've been listening to Jose for years now ever since a friend who knows him hooked me up with some live tracks from a Portland concert a while back.

Kind of had a "Holy shit that's Jose!" moment. And the track's timing really was perfect.

Tania said...

Oh, that IS good. Methinks I'll be looking for more of his music.

I haven't played a video game since Space Invaders, and I'm not likely to start now. But I can sort of see what you mean. It looks good (if I can get past the slightly creepy 'they look almost human, but not quite' part). And the music/image combination is beautiful and haunting.