Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Listening Post

It's criminal that most people here in the states have never even heard of these guys.

Here's the Beta Band -- Squares.


kanye said...

It's understandable...their sound doesn't have any "mass appeal".

You know who would have liked this: Hippies. Really, this would been...well, maybe not huge...but it would have charted and it would have gotten airplay in the late '60s.

J. Dack said...

And most of us who have heard of them, only did so because of 'High Fidelity.'

PhilDS said...


That's close to the truth, because it contains a sample is from a 60's hit. (at least in Europe, I'm not sure it was a hit in the US)
Daydream from the Walace collection.


The original's clip can't be more hippie if you try. :-)

Alanna said...

HIPPIES? Really? I don't really see that.
There is NO augmented 4th/diminished 5th jam crescendo of 10 minutes in this at all. :)

This feels like Broken Bells meets Beck meets Zero 7 drum samples.
I absolutely love it and thank you for posting.

kanye said...


Dear lord...what possible combination of alcohol, hallucinagens and childhood trauma would allow a mind to conceive what's going on in that video?

Still, it was pretty cool in an over-the-top sorta way.


wiawa said...

What? More like new kids who didn't listen to music in the late 90s havent' heard of them. We made fun of the Matador kids and their "Modest Mice" and Beta Band.

Nice white belt, guy!

I hadn't heard that name in years...