Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let Sleeping Around Dogs Lie

At first, I saw this and thought, "Lovely, all it needs now is a Sarah Palin co-byline -- or maybe a follow-up link to a story about how Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus had been spotted out partying with the cast -- and this specific circle of my hell would be complete."

But then I realized that if anyone can show the inexplicably enduring Sex and the City phenomenon the respect it deserves -- while simultaneously proving through her patented brand of stimulating analysis my point about the number of brain cells required to have any sort of appreciation for it -- it's Heather Havrilesky.

Heather, my dear -- do your worst.

Salon: "Why Sex & the City Won't Go Away" by Heather Havrilesky/5.24.10


L. said...

I'd like to make it known on behalf of myself and other women like me that I do not wish to live vicariously though any of the characters from Sex & the City.

Jesus, are there really people who obsess over their lives like that? Havrilesky's making all women seem like little pansies that wilt and cry over the slightest lack of encouragement and freeze every time they have to make a decision.

Christ, that was kind of painful to read. I hope she really doesn't consider Sex & the City smart, because if so I'm afraid for her ability to function in the real world without eating the buttons off of her shirts.

Dan said...

I couldn't make it past the second paragraph, too early in the morning to read such whiny horseshit.

Of course, maybe that was the point.

Che Grovera said...

Let's see...the SatC girls as avatars...wonder how she got that idea?

em said...

Soooo...the message that women are "complicated" is best delivered by four "archetypes" who basically screw anyone/thing, drink, and buy designer clothes all day? I can't believe I made it through that entire article this early in the morning.

Pea said...

"Any movie that women choose to see in droves will immediately be written off as silly"

That's because most movies geared towards women are silly. Women see them in droves because we're just making the best of a bad deal. I think, Chez, that you may have written about this phenomenon in regards to the inexplicable popularity of the Twilight books/movies.

That's not to say that most movies geared towards men aren't silly. I made my painful way through both GI JOE and Transformers 2 on the weekend. Both were utter drivel, terrible on an epic scale. Both relied heavily on the hope that audiences would ignore the stupidity of the plot and focus on the explosions and the women in tight shirts.

Ben Fleming said...

@Che: SatC girls as avatars, you say?


Eric said...

That's not to say that most movies geared towards men aren't silly.

Yeah, but the other thing is that I think if we're honest, we guys like silly movies and are happy to wallow in that, while writing off a movie that's geared towards women as silly will frequently cause offense. I mean, saying that Transformers 2 has nothing to offer except explosions and boobies is the most ringing endorsement I've heard of the thing, and now I'd actually consider renting it some evening when I'm in the mood to shut down the higher cognitive faculties to allow myself to be hypnotized by boom and jiggle for ninety minutes. And if someone said the movie looked dumb, my response would be along the lines of, "It's a Michael Bay sequel to a movie based on a television cartoon based on a line of toys, not a Kurosawa adaptation of Shakespeare's great meditation on filial loyalty and honor." Or maybe just, "Yes." But I'm not going to get all pretentious about how a truck that transforms into a big robot to beat up other robots is some kind of grand philosophical statement about what it means to have 'nads.

Alanna said...

Oy vey. Her last paragraph is enough to make me stab remnants of a broken Nuva Ring in my eye (How Havrilesky of me!)

What is this celebration of woman's "unique complexities" that warrants us to Take Back the Night and stretch our sexual prowess in order to define our authentic selves? It's such horseshit.

You know, I understand how this movie is entertainment, I don't fault it for that - but I do fault it for attempting to shape women's culture as a whole. Do women really require a narrative as such of which to identify if they have not met those milestones they aspire for by age of 40? (Marriage, kids, etc). I don't think SATC acheives this. In fact, it never set out to do that. It was a gay man interpretation of Bushnell's shitty book for a quit ratings blitz on HBO.

I wrote my college senior thesis on SATC (which subsequently went on to be published in 2003 in the ECA journal) entitled "Breaking the Stiletto, The Decline of Postmodern Feminism Post 9-11: The Tale of Sex in the City."

Yes, guffaw all you want...I did!
I spent over 120 hours dissecting the narratives in SATC to sumise that, in fact, No - the text(s) of SATC had no relevance then (in 2002/3) and it's the same for 2010.

I enjoy SATC the same way I do of the show "2 1/2 Men": Polarized, gender-catering entertainment for 22 minutes. I don't think many men define themselves based on 2 bachelor brothers living together with one's son.

In the end? Any (wo)man looking for an escape, a cathartic belly laugh at the inanity, insert another Havrilesky metaphor here, etc should spend $11.50 and enjoy this. Anyone looking for a narrative to define the personal ambiguity with their unfulfilled lives? Proceed with caution.

Anonymous said...

this is a review i think is dead-on:


Adrienne Saia said...

Fuck that article, fuck its author, fuck Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda AND Samantha, fuck women who think those four "ARE JUST LIKE MEEEEE" (especially those who plan to wear a cocktail dress to the premiere and BYO cosmos), and fuck me for reading that entire stupid fucking article.

I'm female so apologies if that comment was complicated. What an asshat.

Alanna said...

and yes, I certainly did just gloat. Its the only thing worthwhile I have ever had published. Meh.

Anonymous said...

"Which is not to say that "Sex and the City 2" will be a masterpiece. Choosing Abu Dhabi as the foursome's fantasy vacationland is more than a little odd, considering that the United Arab Emirates is a country where husbands have a legal right to beat their wives (as recently pointed out in the Guardian)."

After the release of this movie maybe the West will look more closely at this aspect of Dhabian law.

Tom said...

You have to accept the fact that they will keep making Sex and the City sequels until it crosses over with Weekend at Bernie's. Samantha will bone him, and no-one will be able to tell which one is which.

Mr. Controversy said...

Whatever she's on, I want some to help me get through Transformers 3.