Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everything Is Under Control

I'm as entertained as anyone by a clever conspiracy theory, but let's face it: Unless you have something more than a couple of admittedly peculiar coincidences to back up an outlandish claim, you're just talking out of your ass. That said, when one of those curiosities smacks you right in the face -- or threatens to arrest you for trying to take pictures of oil-slicked beaches -- you're naturally going to want to peel back the onion and see what, if anything, is at the center.

By now this video, shot yesterday by CBS News's Kelly Cobiella -- who's a good friend of mine as well as an all-around terrific reporter -- has made the rounds far and wide. It shows Kelly and her crew being stopped at sea by a Coast Guard boat and ordered to turn around under threat of arrest. CBS had chartered their own boat in an effort to get video of the impact of the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf -- specifically of one shore in South Pass, Louisiana that's now completely blackened with oil. What's disturbing is that on board that Coast Guard boat -- apparently working in conjunction with with the Guard -- are several BP contractors. After stopping the CBS crew, one member of the Coast Guard tells Kelly, "This is BP's rules -- it's not ours."

In other words, if you believe what we seem to be seeing and hearing, BP is giving orders to the United States Coast Guard and apparently has the authority to commandeer our armed forces to keep the press away from public property.

Isn't the first rule of a conspiracy that you don't willingly let anyone know about it?


Riles said...

This is just infuriating, in two respects. First, that the goddamn Coast Guard is talking orders from BP. Second, that the reporters didn't seem to do anything about it except stop filming & leave. How could these journalists just take that as an answer and turn away? Shouldn't they have challenged the crew to arrest them? Matter of fact, arrest them for what? Isn't it public land???

God, this pisses me off.

Alanna said...

Turn around or risk imminent arrest = This is a fuck load worse than ever anticipated and No, we don't have it under control.

Those sea turtles are so mangled :(

Deacon Blue said...

Well, if you want some video that the Coast Guard couldn't stop from being taken, there's the YouTube clip in my post here (in case you aren't depressed enough):

Kevin Davis said...

There's not much you can do as a journalist in that circumstance except find another way in or try again later. I was muscled out several times in places I had every legal right to film, I just ended up filming them kicking me off then coming back when they eventually left.

(disclaimer: I was just a lowly DMA #89 reporter.)

Anonymous said...

Deacon Blue's video takes me to such a dark place - - it seems that the Gulf, once the most pristine Eden-like place on Earth, is now a metaphor for America - one big stinking cesspool full of poison and inertia and death.

The Imp of the Perverse said...

Riles -- had the reporter and crew forced the Coast Guard's hand and been placed under arrest, odds are good that the video would have been confiscated and would never see the light of day.

And Chez -- the first rule of a conspiracy only applies if there's a chance of the public being outraged and forcing a change.

I don't think that's the case here.

Bill Orvis White said...

Dear Naive Clueless Chez-

How are we supposed to power up this once-free nation? The answer: OIL!

Your far-left Secular Progressive friend in the far-leftwing media had no business messing with national security by trying to film the oil slick which was created by Hussein Obama so that he could tell the world, "See I told so" and stop drilling.

What's the price that yer friend should pay? You know what I'm going to say: waterboarding. We could extract vital information from her so that this threat to our freedom doesn't happen again.

Oil makes the world go 'round, Chez. Get a grip. We need to drill as much as we can right here, right now. Oil powers up my 150, Mrs. Goldberg's Cadillac SUV, Mr. Tooch's patriotic Hummer and Mrs. McBee's minivan. Oil heats Secular Progressive homes in the Godless Northeast. Oil creates jobs. I love oil and we need it.

Now, we just had a guy named Biff Holloway come to our church to talk about the spill. Biff is from patriotic BP. He said the spill was not their fault and in the end, it was God's will -- even though Hussein Obama worked behind the scenes to make sure that it happened so that his tree hugger, Communist friends could end production and build wind farms-that could barely power a bike.

The point here Chez is that the MSM (mainstream media CBSNBCABCMSNBCCNN) is working with Hussein Obama to move us over to Secular Denmark where they try this crap and guess what, it doesn't work!

Oil is here to stay!

God Bless,

Jester said...

@Anonymous 8:28: Something to keep in mind here. In that part of the Gulf of Mexico, we're already dealing with a body of water that was just about useless from an ecological perspective. Fertilizer and other toxic sediment run-off from the Mississippi River has created an enormous dead zone in the Gulf where there is insufficient oxygen in the water to support marine life.

I'm sure there are a lot of BP guys who have already cynically said that their oil leak can't make things any worse than they already are close in-shore. Hell, I'll bet at least one has bitched that BP will probably be blamed for the ecological damage that was already done.

But that's also why you're seeing these somewhat panicked reports about the oil hitting the main Gulf current. THAT has the potential to expand the disaster well outside the current existing dead zones.

Che Grovera said...

Keep up the good work, Deacon Blue. Man, is that depressing, though.

And why is anyone surprised at the whole film crew situation? Everyone in the whole goddam country disrobes on command in order to get on an airplane, and then we expect someone to defy a uniform who says you can't go there? We've been trained for these moments, people! Deal.

Deacon Blue said...

Well, as Bill White so accurately points out, Obama wants our nation underpowered. I mean, we already know for a fact, thanks to expert imagineering and cold-hard speculation from Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and such that Obama doesn't really need oil or mainstream electricity for his own nefarious purposes.

After all, he has the 1,000 giant hamster wheels under the White House, in which he has trapped various free-thinking Tea Party members, forcing them to run 18 hours straight each day to generation electricity. And he produces light at night with candles rendered from the body fat of birther movement supporters he has rounded up.

And don't even get me started about what he uses the Second Amendment and militia supporters for...

Anonymous said...


classic BOW

Riles said...

@ The Imp... Good point about the footage getting confiscated.

I'm confused about what they could actually be arrested for. Shooting without a permit? I assume it's just the scare tactic used by the boat people.

I am still upset at CBS' nonchalant attitude about getting turned away though. I'm not a journalist, but isn't there normally more push-back, especially when it's public property?

Deacon Blue said...

@ Che Grovera

I can't take any credit for that video beyond posting and commenting on it. I don't even know the original source of it.

Just the messenger man, so I'm not about to take any bows.

Thanks anyway, though

Che Grovera said...

@Deacon Blue: I didn't think that was you doing the voiceover or anything, but I appreciate that you cross-linked it (and spread the gospel here).

Anonymous said...

Mother fuckers. That's all I can say. I'm just... I'm seething.

Chris said...

I lived in Denmark, and not only was it very nice to look out my window and see the offshore wind farms turning away, but I had free healthcare.

As I've mentioned in previous comments, I work in the oil industry and the general consensus is that BP screwed the pooch by years of consistently cost cutting and under investment. If we had to pick a candidate for this to happen to, BP would have been top of our list.

There's scope for renewables and hydrocarbons to co-exist; we should be saving the hydrocarbons for when we really need them instead of tanking up SUVs. Anyone else really excited by the news that Toyota is investing in Tesla and NUMMI?