Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crude Awakening

I can't stress enough how sorry I am that things have been so phoned-in around here lately, but all I can do is promise you that the drought won't last forever.

Until then, as I said last week, I'm glad guys like Cesca can do a lot of the heavy lifting for me. I was waiting for someone to point out the mind-bogglingly shameless hypocrisy of the normally anti-government, horseshit populist crowd on the right suddenly pleading for federal help in the wake of the BP oil disaster and demanding the "government takeover" of the clean-up effort -- and he does it flawlessly in his column over at HuffPo this week.

It's not even a surprise anymore that the entirely self-serving political schizophrenia of these assholes has them contradicting their own positions from one minute to the next -- but it still requires being dragged into the daylight and put on a pedestal for all to see as often as possible.

The Huffington Post: Republicans Demand a Government Takeover and Bail Out of the Oil Spill/5.26.10


Bill Orvis White said...

and now I have to direct you to my blog on my feelings when it comes to patriotic oil:

You see, I might be a bit different than my Tea Party brothers on this subject. I think Lil Hussein secretly started this to say no to patriotic oil companies. I know that this is impeachable.

Che Grovera said...

We are so screwed. We might as well have a Republican -- who would sooner commit seppuku than disturb the profit stream of an oil company -- in charge as a Democrat who is neutered by the mere accusation of Socialism to such a degree that he's letting the oil company call the shots on the mess it created! We might as well have a real Socialist in charge just so we'd have a chance of getting something accomplished that wasn't in the service of Big Business. How bad must things have been in 1932 for this country to have elected FDR? It's inconceivable to imagine such a thing today...

Anonymous said...

There are some things beyond the control of the government. The problem is that politicians set themselves up for problems by promising to be able to cure all ills. Please remember this the next time some politico is blowing sunbshine up your ass around voting day.

During Katrina, at least Bush had resources staged to support the area that was actually hit by the hurricane and the response was generally pretty good there.
Few forsaw the water deluge up state that cause the Mississippi river to breach the levees and the disaster to occur in Louisiana.
The problems in New Orleans was largely because of a failure of state and local authorities.

The same goes with Obama and this oil leak. No one can tell you that this was foreseen. And the truth is that short of him going and plugging the pipe himself, what is it that we want him to do? The Federal governemnt doesn't maintain the equipment and expertise to plug oil wells underwater.