Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Think this is interesting? Wait til Playgirl does it.

The Telegraph UK: Playboy Centerfold Goes 3D/5.11.10


Bill Orvis White said...

It is pornography that inspired Ted Bundy to kill. Now that this filth is in 3D, we are now on the Superhighway to Hell in this once-free country.

Now look at what's going on. We have a radical lesbian ready to be on the Supreme Court. Is it right to ask if this woman is a homosexual? It's a fair question to ask of this young Hebrew woman who is violating the basic tenets of Judeo-Christian teachings. If this Kagan woman is placed on the country's highest court, we will see us slouching even more towards the Devil's Den in Hell. Why? Because it will soon be permissible to allow unlimited drug use, sexual debauchery and body art to go unchecked in this once-free country. Our moral fiber has been decaying since God was kicked out of the schools in the early sixties, but that deterioration has been accelerating since Barack Hussein Obama was installed as our president. Ties and jackets have become optional in the Oval Office. The First Lady bares her arms signaling men and women (including Miss Kagan) to do things to their bodies that are not approved by the Lord Almighty and Sweet Baby Jesus.

I must say it again: We need to place good men on the Sup Ct who are dedicated conservative constructionists who believe in the Rule of Law.

The first step is to ban pornography which produces killers and young boys with lust in their pants to go blind.

God Bless,

Alanna said...

Well...I suppose this is one step closer to "going blind"

John said...

Sadly, there is already a 3D gay porn. Even more sadly, it's called "Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls." Sometimes everyone loses.

Deacon Blue said...

No, no...wait until JUGGS does it...we'll have people suing over loss of consciousness and related injuries over psychosomatic smothering.

Chez said...

There are just way too many "Triple-D" jokes to be made.

VOTAR said...

I said it before when "Beowulf" came out a couple of years ago: right now, as we sit reading this, there is on some portable digital drive or server somewhere in Hollywood, a full body scanned animated, naked, Angelina Jolie.

All that is required now is a few very clever programmers, and someone creative enough to market a form-fitting rubber suit with a USB connection, a headset with integral miniaturized dual heads-up 3d display monitors, and various suction cups and lubricated tubes... and voila! I'm fucking Angelina Jolie.

Mark my words. This is the way of the future.

Mary said...

Am I the only one who thinks that the next step will be publishers taking a cue from toddler's pop up books?

CNNfan said...

I wonder if Zoë Saldaña was IMAX 3D nude in Avatar ?