Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quote of the Day

"(Rielle felt that) Oprah was more 'spiritual' and would get her."

-- Spokesperson for coke-addled party girl and raving moonbat turned presidential candidate mistress Rielle Hunter, on why Hunter agreed to grant Oprah a sit-down interview


Alanna said...

I've, too, always thought "Ursula the Sea Witch" from the Little Mermaid was spiritual.

Kevin Davis said...

ugh, please don't use "moonbat" it makes me think of Michelle Malkin. And weren't you the one who said you hated when people say "ReThuglican" and shit like that?

(This has been your Debbie Downer comment for the day)

Chez said...

She is a moonbat. I don't use the word as a slight against any particular political stance but rather as an apt description of somebody who subscribes to all kinds of insane new age pseudo-spirituality.

Alanna said...

Shh...the tides can sense your energy. The forecast for hurricanes, the recent all adds up. Oprah senses this too and will heed this urgency with a timely interview with the uber-important Rielle Hunter. We're so fucked as a collective.