Monday, April 05, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Such is the life of the black Republican: Nobody actually likes you... Michael Steele is the reality of the affirmative action hire conservatives always push. Chosen solely based on his pigment, he’s not actually qualified for the position."

-- Oliver Willis on Michael Steele's attempt to play the race card in defending his own incompetence


Vermillion said...

Well, my sister says that when you unfairly judge someone, you tend to become the very thing you are judging. So this makes perfect sense.

Oh, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey.

Anonymous said...

April 5th, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Obama said Monday that he was revamping American nuclear strategy to substantially narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons, even in self-defense.

Describing his approach to nuclear security as “Strategic Cum Bi Yah”, Mr. Obama described his policy as part of a broader effort to edge the world toward making nuclear weapons obsolete, and to create incentives for countries to give up any nuclear ambitions.

C Riedel-de Haen said...

@ Anonymous 9:22

What the fuck was that?

Is that supposed to be funny? Satiric? Sarcastic? Snarky?

I'm at a loss here, dude!

(Assuming you're a dude, of course)