Thursday, April 22, 2010

Political Donation

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Carlos Sanchez -- the only man in history to actually owe his life to the fact that it's an election year.

AP: Connecticut Mayor Donates Kidney To Facebook Friend/4.22.10


Web Dunce said...

Honestly, Chez, April Capone Almon is a very popular Democratic mayor here in lovely Connecticut, and this isn't an election year for her. But I can fully appreciate your cynicism. However, I'm sure Mr. Sanchez appreciates his life far more.

Chez said...

Never let the facts get in the way of a throwaway joke.

According to the story, she was running for a second term at the time -- but no, I'm kidding about the insinuation that she did it just for votes, since she kept it quiet.

Alanna said...

Interesting how the "powers" of social networking bumped a transplant recipient to the top of the list via status update.

Im pretty amazed!

toastie said...

Reader of ex-CNN-producer's blog receives kidney donation after posting comment.

Hey, it's worth a shot.