Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Numbers Lame

Note to CNN: You can only get away with making this argument if you don't enthusiastically trumpet good numbers as proof of how terrific you are. Interesting how it's only when they're in the toilet that the ratings don't matter.

As Dennis Miller used to say back when he was funny, nobody finds God on prom night.

The New York Times: CNN Fights Back Against Bad Ratings with "Objectivity" Argument/4.13.10


Dan Coyle said...

And it's hard to trumpet "Objectivity" when you've just hired Eric Erickson as a commentator.

Chez said...

Nah, they'll just say he's balanced out by Paul Begala. It's horseshit, since from the perspective of credentials Begala destroys him, but they'll say it.

CNNfan said...

Imagine a baseball team convincing fans The World Series doesn't matter.

Save fans the "We are in a league of our own" speech!

Ratings may raise revenues,
but they also boost morale for fans.