Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nouveau Reach

As an online news magazine, Salon can be accused of being many things -- but naive has never been one of them. This morning the site posts a quickie piece from Jenn Kepka that outlines how, since leaving government, Sarah Palin's made around $12-million -- and that's, if you'll pardon the pun, a conservative estimate. The column itself isn't offensive or controversial in the least; it just puts the facts out there and opines that Palin's knack for spinning self-serving bullshit into gold will ensure that the obvious dichotomy between how she presents herself to the unwashed masses of the Republican base and how she actually lives won't hurt her in the least. The headline, meanwhile, no doubt drawn up by an editor at Salon, goes in the opposite direction, stating unequivocally that the one-woman-mint Sarah Palin Inc. has generated "risks alienating her working class base."

Yeah, right.

To understand the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin is to accept that almost nothing she says or does matters. The idea that she represents for the swath of mindless dolts who worship her like some leather-clad shuckin'-and-jivin' deity -- based, above all, on her ability to get under the skin of those urban elitists who demand that their cultural and political leaders have, you know, actual substance -- is what's really important, and as a famous masked character once said, ideas are bulletproof. If anything, NASCAR America is sure to love the notion of lil' old Sarah from Wasilla havin' the kind of money to crash the rich folks' big party; it'll be like a country music video come to life. They love the notion that she's a real-life Beverly Hillbilly -- the same way they love everything else about her and can't be deterred by things like logic, reason or shameless hypocrisy.

These people will always make excuses for Palin -- as frustrating as that may seem to anyone with a semi-working brain -- and to assume otherwise flies in the face of all we know about them, her, and the cult of personality in general.


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J. Dack said...

$12 million huh? Yeah she's a real Jane-Six-Pack.

If Cristal comes in six-packs, that is.

Elizabeth said...

I hope that she is socking it away in them there banks that she despises because she will not be retiring to a think tank.

Anonymous said...

hey..lets leave nascar out of this.

Temmere said...

Reminds me of that PSA Bristol Palin did where she encourages abstinence because other girls might not have her "famous family" and the opportunities and support it provided her. Seemed to me she was very carefully dancing around the whole "we're rich" thing so as not to alienate Sarah's supporters.

cgwalt said...

The tea-baggeratti hang on every word from millionaires Limbaugh and Beck so why should it change anything if this Palin grifter feeds of the rubes too?

Trop said...

I'm really growing tired of the cheap shots at NASCAR. I'm part of NASCAR nation... I'm also Yankee by birth with a PhD and I can't stand Sarah Palin.