Thursday, April 29, 2010

Long Daze

By the way, everyone. I promise that at some point soon this site will stop sucking and I'll go back to producing actual content. Sorry it's taking so long, but things are aneurysm-inducingly hectic on this end right now.


kanye said...

'Been saving this one for a rainy day:

There are about twenty-three seperate instances where you'll be tempted to close this video, thinking to yourself, "Okay, now I've seen it all."

Don't do it, stick it's one joyous/spectacular/absurd left turn after another.

The Greatest Thing Ever!

Absolutely work safe

Anonymous said...

single parent syndrome

Alanna said...

work is for chumps.

CNNfan said...

I found it by Googling: The Daily Copy Edit

Deacon Blue said...

Man, as many times as this happens to me on my own blog and I go days without any postings, I'm still jealous of how much content you get up here even when you're stretched in five different directions.