Friday, April 16, 2010

Listening Post

The cool-as-hell new single from the Black Keys, and the best damn low-tech video since the Mats' Bastards of Young, starring Frank the funkasaurus rex. This is yet another candidate for video of the year -- Tighten Up.


Alanna said...

yes, yes, YES!
and if you like hip-hop AND Black Keys...go here

BenoƮt from Ottawa said...


About Palin, Sarah. She did Hamilton, Ontario last night. Here's a too-long article just to give you an idea of perceptions and reporting on this side of the border. (Note that she's got fans and oglers here too: it sold out instantly at $200 a pop, $1000 for premium presence.)

My short editorial: "Stand up from being ordinary", she said (among other scintilla). Problem is if you're ordinary and you stand up, you're um ordinary standing up. Just. Like. Her.)

L. said...

Woohoo. This has me even more excited to be going to see them tonight. It'll be a bright spot to cap off being sick most of the week.

Amy said...

I can't wait for this album to come out. Thanks Chez!

Shannon from Saskatoon said...

This made my day! Back in the day, my brother and I used to laugh like hell as we worked any hapless toy or small dog in similar fashion. (Sure, it made the dog paranoid and pissy, but it was worth it)

Thanks, Chez