Thursday, April 08, 2010

Last Copyrights

So Malcolm McClaren has gone to the great rock and roll swindle in the sky.

Guess this means John Lydon can now literally piss on his grave.

The New York Times: Malcolm McClaren, Punk Impresario and Rock Music Manager, is Dead/4.8.10


Anonymous said...

i remember going to london in '84 with a group of friends, the 1st place we headed to was kings road to check out malcolms former shop. the punks were there only to get paid for posing with tourists. Punk was over by then, but it was still cool, we bought our "relax" and "Boy" t shirts, and headed to other touristy persuits. Malcolm's not in Julien Temple's awesome documentary" the filth and the Fury" but it remains a great tribute to the man's genius.

BenoƮt from Ottawa said...

Who cares typo: Impresario, not Emp..., in your link title.


Chez said...

I'm just brain dead these days. Kthanxbai.