Monday, April 12, 2010

Glenn Dose

Looks like Cesca's one-man campaign against Glenn Beck, as predicted, is going along swimmingly in terms of smarts and entertainment value.

Here, he provides a pretty nice exclamation point to why he's even bothering trying to be the burr under Beck's saddle in the first place -- because Beck regularly pulls ridiculous crap like this: helping to foment a lot of really sickening cognitive dissonance between his entirely made-up, paranoid psychotic's view of the Obama presidency and the easily verifiable reality.

Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Go!: Glenn Beck Scams Woman Out of $800/4.11.10

Oh, and ABC News this morning focuses on how some of Beck's favorite targets have finally reached the point where they're ready to go all Tyler Durden on his doughy ass.

ABC News: Countering the "Glenn Beck Effect"/4.12.10


Bill Orvis White said...

Glenn is the firewall that is preventing this once-free nation from turning into Secular Europe.

Sorry Chez, but at this time, I see few patriots willing to tell it like it is. Sure, Sarah, Michelle, the honorable Mr. Cheney, Rush and Sean are out there, but it's Glenn who is putting it all on the line by telling the real truth. Yes, it hurts, but he's out there on the front lines doing what's necessary to save this once-free land.

How is it different when Lil Hussein gives you a "tax cut?" The answer is that it's not a tax cut. It's a big gov't giveaway because Lil Hussein is a Nigerian Muslim Marxist who was installed into the highest office in the world. That money that Lil Hussein is "sending back" was actually the hard-earned dollars of the small business owners like me who created the jobs up until this "president" took over when he screwed up the Oath.

No other president in the history of this land has spat upon the Constitution the way that this Socialist Community Organizer has. What a disgrace.


Chez said...

You know, Bill, the mark of a really fucking brilliant satirist is that he's occasionally so on-the-mark in who he's satirizing that you really can't help wanting to hit him in the side of the head with a 2x4. Kudos.

Anon said...

Normally I wouldn't wish ill will on a person, but even compared to Limbaugh or Hannity, Beck of recent months seems crazier than Beck's normal crazy.

And the kind of vitriolic hate and fear he seems to be putting on the air is Birth of a Nation dangerous.

Beck has to outed for the kind of fearmonger he truly is, and I'm glad that Cecsa and ABC is making an effort to do so.

I'll just have to keep my own efforts up to convince my family members of his true nature.