Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finishing Move

It's like the premise for a bad sitcom: "He's an Ultimate Fighter! She's a porn star! What could possibly go wrong?"

There are so many potential jokes about Jenna being used to taking shots to the face that I won't even bother.

CBS News: Tito Ortiz Arrested for Alleged Abuse Against Wife Jenna Jameson, Claims She's Addicted to Oxycontin/4.27.10


Tabi said...

Isn't that Alyssa Milano?

Alanna said...

Shocker. Although, I'm sure she's used to shockers.

Vermillion said...

Okay seriously, nobody can be that surprised by this.

We are talking about a guy whose 9-to-5 is using violence. He spends hours every day training to beat the crap out of someone, while hyping himself up to do as much damage as possible. He is physically, mentally, and emotionally designed to hurt people. Let's not even go into whatever pharmaceutical aids he may be taking as well.

So when I hear that this slab of murder assaulted someone I kinda have to think "well, what did you think would happen? He'd hug 'em?"

It is pretty much the same thing a lot of soldiers go through when coming home: you spend a good chunk of your life becoming a killing machine, that shit doesn't just turn off. You don't get to flip a switch and become civilized and peaceful.

The only thing I can muster over this is halfway-serious gratitude that nobody died.

Tuba Terry said...

Holy self-righteous misconceptions Batman!

Former Marine here. The military doesn't train people to kill, it trains them to follow orders without thinking first. If someone tells you to shoot, you shoot before you can ask "why?". The "why?" comes later, after the adrenaline addiction wears off. That's where PTSD sets in. "What the fuck did I do over there? How am I a good person for killing those people?"

If the military turned people into killers, you'd have mostly sociopaths coming back from war, not pathetic broken shells of men, destroyed from the inside out by "just following orders".

As for the on/off switch, I will say you're right on that, mostly. War zones are basically 24/7 adrenaline rushes, and adrenaline is highly addictive. Soldiers/Marines/Whatever get back to the states and all of a sudden there's nothing around to sustain the drug. XBox won't cut it, football won't cut it. Hell, a fight-club style thing probably wouldn't even cut it. You know what the number one cause of post-deployment military deaths is? It's traffic accidents, not involving alcohol. What better way to bring back that edge-of-death feeling than buy a crotch rocket and see if you can hit 140 mph?

(Side note: 80% of people in the military will never shoot at another person. There are a lot more support personnel then there are "killing machines".)

War is a shit thing, and nobody who signs up for it is innocent. Still, nobody is served by these strawmen "killing machines" you set up.