Monday, April 05, 2010

Bonus Quote of the Day

"When you’re looking at truth versus gossip, truth doesn’t stand a chance."

-- Barbara Mikkelson, co-founder of the popular fact-checking website

Yesterday's New York Times ran a great profile of the site, the work its editors are regularly doing, and the necessity for it in the age of BS.


CNNfan said...

Oh, I remember Jacki recommending this site on CNN on the air:

Well, I don't know how old you are, T.J., and I'm not going to venture to guess. But we do know from

Anonymous said...

How ironic that NYT profiles a location to investigate the truth shortly after being duped into posting that Eric Turkewitz was hired as the first official law blogger.

The hoax was intended to snag bloggers, but the grey lady was caught not fact checking themselves.

Bottom line - don't believe anything until you have verified it yourself. Twice.

Vermillion said...

It is not just the naïveté of Web users that worries the “Snopesters,” a name for the Web site’s fans and volunteers. It is also what Mr. Mikkelson calls “a trend toward the opposite approach, hyper-skepticism.”

“People get an e-mail or a photograph and they spot one little thing that doesn’t look right, and they declare the whole thing fake,” he said. “That’s just as bad as being gullible in a lot of senses.”



I mean, I concur with this sentiment. It is really two ends of the same line: both are indicative of the sacrifice of critical thinking and reasoning for cheap answers.

Geez, people. Just because sometimes things aren't what they seem, it doesn't mean everything is some sort of convoluted lie.

Except the cake. The cake is a lie.

Mart said...

I often respond to a thousand times forwarded email that is full of crap, mostly crap, or maybe plausible with a link to Snopes. Takes about two seconds to GOOGLE Snopes + a key phrase from the nonsense. Certain friends now think I am the world's biggest ass just for calling them on spreading crap and not relaxing and enjoying the crap. I hate old white guys like me.

Enjoy the baby, before you know it you will be quafing a beer with her - and her boyfriend.