Friday, April 09, 2010


Well, this is really surprising.

Everyone knows that the first rule of public feuds is that you don't get into one with someone who's way the hell beneath you in terms of popularity, because validating the lesser-known side of the battle will only benefit him or her. Apparently, no one taught Glenn Beck this; either that or Beck's content to do Bob Cesca a really big favor since it took all of 36 hours for him and his radio crew to go to town on Cesca's piece in the Huffington Post (as well as the internet radio show he does with Elvis Dingeldein) which attempts to expose Beck for the fraud that he is.

Maybe Cesca's little crusade isn't so quixotic after all.

Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Go!: Glenn Beck Talking About Bob and Elvis/4.8.10


drater said...

Hmmm, I may have to eat my words when I said Cesca wouldn't have much luck going after Beck. I assumed Beck wasn't an idiot, but just played one on TV.

Matt Osborne said...

Beck needs to be exposed. So far, the "liberal" media hasn't done that.

And before anyone tells me the man is unimportant, read this.

I'm rootin' for Bob!

Sheriff Bart said...

Exposing Glenn Beck as what? A fraud? A vaudevillian buffoon? A charlatan? A purveyor of the finest snake oils?
Shit, man. What is understood need not be discussed.
This isn't quixotic. It's redundant.

Sheriff Bart said...

I just feel sorry for the girl who Glenn Beck may or may not have raped and murdered in 1990. Notice how quiet he has been about this whole thing. What are you hiding, Glenn?